👋 Welcome to Full Stack Book

Hello. I'm Travis Luong, a self-taught programmer with over a decade of experience in full-stack development.

Throughout my career, I've collaborated on diverse projects, contributing my expertise to more than 30 organizations. My list of esteemed corporate clients includes Microsoft, CBRE, and Verizon, and I've played a role in the success stories of startups such as Viome and PlacementsIO. Additionally, I've partnered with renowned agencies like Fresh Consulting, TDW+Co, and Catalysis, while also engaging in freelance work for various small businesses.

Proficient in a spectrum of programming languages and frameworks, I've professionally utilized TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Java, Scala, Ruby on Rails, and PHP, working with cutting-edge tools such as Next.js, React, FastAPI, Spring Boot, and Express.js. My database experience extends to PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and Redis, and I've navigated the DevOps landscape using platforms like Vercel, AWS, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Azure, Heroku, GitHub, and CircleCI.

In 2023, I authored my first Udemy course, "Full Stack Development with Next.js," which unexpectedly soared to best-seller status. This course was inspired by my transformative experience with the Rails Tutorial a decade ago—a resource that brilliantly connected the dots for me in web development. Unlike many courses that focus on individual topics, my aim is to empower learners by demonstrating how various technologies seamlessly integrate to deliver fully functional and production-ready projects.

As a technical generalist, I specialize in harnessing the full stack to craft comprehensive solutions for clients. My mission is to impart this knowledge, enabling others to pursue their own entrepreneurial ventures, secure rewarding tech positions, or fulfill their Full Stack aspirations.

📗 About Full Stack Book

Full Stack Book is a guide for full stack developers.

It comprises articles and YouTube tutorials delving into Full Stack topics, as well as courses teaching the secrets of building complete Full Stack projects.

These projects not only serve as portfolio items but also as launch pads for real-world endeavors.

Full Stack Book